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“Welcome to the new and greatly improved Premium Economy online presence. The website will be a hub of news and advice for the Premium Traveller, and features a brand new Airline Pilot blog. Our Flight Search and Flight Comparison features still exist, and in an improved format; so please enjoy what we have on offer.”

Alastair Orr

Seat Comparison

Airline Seat Pitch Seat Configuration Recline
Air Australia 38" 2-3-2 128 degrees
Air France 32.38.5" 3-3,
123 degrees
Air Canada 23.5" 2-2-2 7"
Air New Zealand 38-41" 2-2-2 7"
Air Transat 34" 2-3-2 4"
Alitalia 34" 2-3-2 120 degrees

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